Connecting to TFS from any version of Visual Studio


Sometimes you find some really old SSIS packages on some lone server.
And sometimes you even have to support them.
And rarely, those packages aren’t in source control yet.


Today, I had the joy of bumping into all 3 conditions at once.
Read on to see what I did to solve this!

The challenge

I found some SSIS packages that were developed using Visual Studio 2008 and weren’t checked in into TFS yet.
Even better, there was no way to check them into source control, as they were located on an old server and had to be developed on that server.

Just as the next guy, I’m not a big fan of changing stuff that’s not in source control.
So I had to find a way to get that package into source control, Team Foundation Server 2012 (TFS) in our case.

The solution

Not knowing for sure if TFS 2012 and Visual Studio 2008 are even compatible, I started searching for that information.
Luckily I was immediately transfered to an old blog post by Jesse Houwing (blog | twitter).
Even more lucky for me was that he only recently updated the post and it now contained a LOT of useful information.

If you run into the same problem, just refer to this page:
Let’s hope Jesse keeps updating in throughout the years!

3 thoughts on “Connecting to TFS from any version of Visual Studio”

    • How about doing it infographic style?
      Put the steps top to bottom in “blocks”, combine some steps.
      Then put the versions next to each other going newest to oldest.

      And since it’s the internet, make the source file available? 😉


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