So, this happened…

Cartoon describing how most blogs start and then fail
Welcome to blogging!

At the moment this blog in general will be about all things awesomely (and sometimes less awesomely) Microsoft.
However my focus will mainly be on 4 topics.

  • SQL Server
  • Azure
  • Business Intelligence
  • Certification

So how does one create a blog?

  1. Promise that you will start blogging
  2. Do other stuff for 3 weeks, some examples
  3. Think of a good domain and blog name
    • Settle with your own name
    • Tell yourself you’ll think of a good name later on
  4. Register the domain and get some hosting
    • Set domain name up to point to hosting
  5. Search for blogging software
    • Settle with WordPress as it seems popular enough
  6. Remember you read a blog from some SQL dude stating he recently changed his comment system
    • Research WordPress comment systems
    • Settle for the free “Jetpack by” plugin
    • Notice it’s not yet working and requires tinkering
  7. Look for a theme
    • Notice there are a TON of (free and paid) themes
    • Decide this is a task for Future-Jan
  8. Create your first post on your vanilla WordPress site, because why not!

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