We’re Scrum, but…

So Koos van Strien (blog | twitter) and I were talking on twitter about “Scrum-but“.

You’re likely to be a Scrum-but when you implement Scrum principles but with some tweaks here and there. The question, without sounding like an extreme Scrum-idiot, is where you stop tweaking.

Read on for the full story!

Paraphrasing Koos, he said the endpoint is when you have an “anything but-Scrum”. Which brought us to this comment of him.


I immediately visualized it and it made complete sense to explain the reasons to fully follow the Scrum framework like this (in a humorous way).

Keep in mind that this only concerns the developer-side of the story. Whatever you plug into this or wrap around this to make it fit inside your business and with your customers should not concern Scrum development practices.

It took me way, way, way too long to photoshop this together, but here you go.
The visual explanation why you should follow the few simple Scrum rules if you are going to follow Scrum-practices.

Try to figure out with team I’m talking about in the picture below!  🙂


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Source of the unedited picture: BBC News

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