PASS Performance – SQLPalooza 2015!

Today I noticed I missed some great sessions from the PASS Performance virtual chapter. I’ll list them all below for you.

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#1: Make Your SQL Server Queries Go Faster
#2: Building High Performance SQL Servers Virtual Machines on AWS and Azure
#3: Performing a SQL Server Health Check
#4: Columnstore Indexes – Questions and Answers
#5: Performance Troubleshooting Using DMVs
#6: Maximizing SSIS Package Performance
#7: Troubleshooting Seconday Replica Latency
#8: SQL Server Benchmarking: The Powershell Speedometer

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Huge free dataset with all public Reddit comments

Do you know Reddit?
Did you know all 1.7 billion+ public comments are now available as an open data set?
Are you ready to unleash all your Text Analytics fantasies? 🙂
Check out this post on Reddit!

A friendly user also uploaded this to Google BigQuery.

If you want example queries or visualisations, check out this thread on reddit.

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