JanMulkens_OrdinaOpenInnovatieDag2015_smallI like to present on topics that interest me and that should probably interest you as well (SQL Server, Azure, BI in general, …)
Here I’ll post my presentations in case you want to go over them (but without my excellent presentation skills 🙂 ).

Presentation levels are based on the Microsoft levels as explained by ITCamp.

Level 100: Introductory level
Level 200: Intermediate level
Level 300: Experienced level
Level 400: Advanced/expert level

Microsoft Azure for Developers – Setting Up Your Development Environment in Azure
Level 100
Abstract: Why should you, as a developer, be interested in Microsoft Azure? What can you do with it?
If you’ve ever wondered about that then this session is what you’ve been waiting for!
Materials: Presentation
Presented: 2015/04/16 – SQL Usergroup Belgium


Power BI – From Personal BI to Personal Data Science
Level 300
Abstract: Microsoft states that Power BI is “a cloud-based business analytics service that enables anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding”

Does this mean Power BI Desktop can also be used for more than just building pretty dashboards?

In this session we’ll explore how Power BI can not only be used to democratize BI across the enterprise, but also to democratize Data Science across the enterprise.

No previous Data Science knowledge is required but it’s useful. An introduction to the general Data Science process is included.

Materials: Presentation
Presented: 2015/11/27 – Data Culture Day London 2015 – Power BI Edition
2015/12/08 – SQL Usergroup Belgium



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