Data Culture Day London – Power BI Edition

I submitted my sessions for the Data Culture Day London – Power BI Edition.
It’s a free event at Microsoft in London on 28th of November.

The main audience are business professionals who want to learn how to use Power BI and Excel better.

I selected several sessions from my “archive”

  • Power BI – Pushing beyond the built-in limitations
    • Tips, tricks and some hacks to make full use all Power BI capabilities
  • Power BI – Personal BI for the SME
    • A dive into the value PowerBI adds to the average business
  • Power BI – From Personal BI to Personal Data Science
    • A look at using Power BI to provide users with self-service capabilities in Data Science projects
  • Putting data in your culture with Power BI
    • A look at why and how Power BI fits into your BI strategy

Read on for more!

Below you can find the details of the event.
Don’t forget to check out the event and to reserve your own spot!

Whether you’re just starting out in the data analytics field, are a data pro who sees the value in expanding your skillset, or are a seasoned business analytics pro, the Data Culture Day London is the place to be.

Technology and analytics are rapidly merging, and the business world is embracing this new culture of data. However, research by Gartner shows that 85% of Fortune 500 companies are not able to glean value from their information. In reality, we know that spreadsheets proliferate, and organisations are not making the most of the potential in their data. Leading organizations are leveraging business and data analytics to transform their businesses, uncover new value within their industries, and remain competitive within their space.

Business and data analytics professionals are in high demand. A recent Computerworld survey reported that 24% of respondents were planning to hire data analytics professionals by the end of 2015. Yet all those respondents also expected this skill to be the most difficult to find.

You’re not sure yet what Power BI can do for you?
Check out the rest of my blog in the coming weeks and months as this will be my main focus for a while!

Leave a comment/tweet/mail/… if you’re interested in any of these sessions or would like me to speak at an event.

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