Cortana Analytics Suite – 2015/9 Workshop Videos

With all this news about Power BI it’s easy to forget about the important role it plays in the Cortana Analytics Suite.

Most of us couldn’t attend the Cortana Analytics Suite workshop in Seattle but that doesn’t mean you have to be sad!
Now you can watch all the videos from the comfort of your own chair!

Wait, you don’t know about the Cortana Analytics Suite or the workshop yet?

Quick, read on!

Cortana Analytics Suite

This is the new name for all the tools everyone already knows and loves. This includes the Azure Data Factory, Azure Stream Analytics, Hadoop clusters, Azure Machine Learning, etc…
The new name also includes an incredible integration of all these tools and “templates” that are ready to be adopted to your needs.

What about the workshop

On September 10th and 11th, Microsoft gave a two-day technical workshop discussing Microsoft’s advanced analytics vision.
They delivered architectural guidance and hands-on training on how to build your own apps and custom solutions using the state-of-the-art Cortana Analytics platform and tools.

There are 3 main groups of people that attended this session. Developers, Data Scientists and Business decision makers.
If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them.

So what was it? A 2-day brainwashing session? No! (they made me say that 😉 )

Seriously though, the sessions were packed to the brim with practical tips and theoretical knowledge about big data, advanced analytics – that includes predictive analytics – and how to use the entire Cortana Analytics Suite to go from raw data to actionable insights using scalable web services.

And if you’re still wondering why you’d ever need all that, there were also advanced analytics applications and case studies shown. It doesn’t become easier than that if you ask me…

With 2 full days of content, you can only spend so much time before you get bored.
That’s why I picked some of the best content for you.

Let me know in the comments or via twitter what you like about Cortana Analytics and what you think still needs improvement!

Basic must know information

Practical applications

Other interesting sessions

Materials for the sessions

The Future of Analytics

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Demystifying Cortana Analytics

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Using the Cortana Analytics Process

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Ensuring Customer Success with Advanced Analytics

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Operationalizing Your End-to-End Analytical Solution

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Tutorial: Data Science with Cortana Analytics

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Building Next-Generation Smart Grids

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Cortana Analytics for Retail

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Cortana Analytics for Revenue Forecasting

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Predictive Maintenance in the IoT Era

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Insights and Predictions: Integrating and Deploying Big Data Models through Azure ML

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Cortana Analytics Dashboards & Visualizations: A Power BI Overview

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Tutorial: Jumpstart Cortana Analytics Projects with Solution Accelerators

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Talking to Your Organization about Cortana Analytics

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