Power BI news: Starting now, play with 44+ new features

Wow, have I got something for you. Some real insider information that I got after talking with a Microsoft employee. Now it’s my duty to share this rumor with all of you!
Here it goes: According to a secret Microsoft source, the Power BI team gets paid in food per feature  😉

This also seems to be the only plausible explanation for the incredibly HUGE release they had this month. Which and how many features? Read on!


All kidding aside, if you weren’t on the Power BI train already, now is a great time to jump on because they’re moving FAST and you don’t want to be left behind.

Check out the following resources on the official blog
If you ever doubted Microsoft’s commitment to the community, James Phillips will persuade you…
Also, check out UserVoice to post or vote for new features, the team really listens to all your feedback.
What do you think about Power BI and this latest update?
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